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Updated on Mar 16th, 2012

We list the top places to buy WOW gold and have WOW Gold Reviews.

World of Warcraft gold reviews are very good tools for finding the best places to buy WOW gold. I have been writing WOW gold reviews for a while and I have found a few good places to buy WOW gold. It is easy to find places to buy wow gold but it is hard to find companies that have good prices and are legitimately good WOW gold sellers. Most people do not want to spend most of the time grinding money for mounts or repairs when they can just buy what they need. Others use WOW gold sites to Power level themselves, reputation or honor. WOW gold is cheaper than ever now and the sites I have listed below have the best prices on the internet and have been listed as top locations to buy gold by sites as wowgoldfinder.com. Wowgoldfinder.com has wow gold reviews of the top wow gold sites so I like to get a lot of my information from them.

I hope this list of top places to buy wow gold is useful to you. There is a few WOW gold reviews listed below and I can highly recommend using the following warcraft gold sites.

Here is the best 3 places to buy warcraft gold:

Rank 1

EpicToon is a very well rounded wow gold selling company. This company is not as old as a lot of companies but it has a lot of features and has a very good reputation. I highly recommend this company.

Rank 2

OK this site is not the best looking out there but they they do have the BEST prices for WOW gold and they price match (by "price match" they mean they will go to other websites they consider trusted and price themselves lower than them, not true price matching). They have a good reputation in the market for selling wow gold and provide good customer service. I would use them if I was going to be doing a buy a lot of gold. If I was looking for something else they do not offer it. They only sell gold for World of Warcraft and provide no other services. BankofWOW is a good company that I recommend using.

Rank 3

Guy4game a solid wow gold selling company. This company has been around for a very long time and I have used it many times in the past. The site is well done and the prices they offer are very good. This company also offers other services besides selling gold such as power leveling, kits to level up trade skills, buy accounts, gear, mounts or items. Guy4game offers more services than any other site I have delt with and I highly recommend this company. Oh one other thing to note, is they now offer price matching like bank of wow.

If you are looking for more information before you buy check out wowgoldfinder.com or see below for wow gold reviews.

WOW gold reviews

Posted on Dec 27th 2011

EpicToon Review

EpicToon is a MMORPG currency company that has only been around for a couple of years but has earned a good reputation. EpicToon sells currency for 11 major games and the price they sell gold for is very competitive. They buy wow gold from players instead farming it to keep costs down. Buying gold from players also helps decrease the time it takes to fill orders.

EpicToon's website is well designed and is easy to navigate. You can easily select the game, server, faction and currency amount you want to buy in very little time.

They deliver game currency fast. EpicToon also has a tracking system you can use to check on the status of your orders.

I highly recommend using EpicToon.


BANK of WOW Review

Bank of WOW has the best price on WOW gold you will find anywhere and if some place has a better price they will match it. The site is in need of a make over as some of it looks a little cheesy but do not let the appearance of the site fool you this is a very good WOW gold company. I highly recommend BANKofWOW.com to anyone looking to purchase World of Warcraft gold.


Guy4Game.com Review

After checking out a lot of companies and reading a lot of WOW gold reviews have come to the conclusion that Guy4game.com is an extremely good company. For World of Warcraft they sell gold and have power leveling services for experience, reputation, honor, PVP gear, etc. The prices this WOW gold site has are usualy realy good and they now offer price matching.

They guy4game.com website is well designed and has a good FAQ section. The web page is kept up to date and offer promotions at different times of the year.

After my own experiences and the WOW gold reviews I have read I would highly recommend using them as they are a very good and very stable company. If you are looking for more WOW gold reviews on this company I suggest you check out WOWgoldfinder.com as they highly recommend this WOW gold site.


For more places to find wow gold reviews check out wowgoldhunter.com or wowgoldbuyer.com. These sites are related to wowgoldfinder.com but have additional information about wow gold sellers. I find it never hurts to have as much information as possible before you spend money as I lot of companies are in it for a quick buck and not in it to service the customer. The above companies really are in it for the customers and have been around for a long time. I highly recommend using the above WOW gold sites for any purchases you may make.

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